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New Today (December 2015)
I’ve totally revised Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design. It’s now version 3.1. New look. Cleaned-up content.

How do you build skills in programming? By doing a series of programming exercises that are focused on showing language features one at a time. These books build skills without asking you to assimilate too many technical concepts in a single sitting.

Skills accumulate through use and repetition. We take an approach that gradually builds skills starting from the basics. We respect the “clue absorption rate” that limits how much new information you can tolerate before feeling overwhelmed.

To make the process easier to understand, we take most of our exercises from the world of casino games. We find that these algorithms are just the right level of complexity to build skills in programming and design. The exercises are fun, easy to understand, and reflect real-world subtleties.

Building Skils in Object-Oriented Design

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Building Skils in Object-Oriented Design [3.1 Edition]

Step-By-Step Construction of a Complete Application

How do you move from OO programming to OO design? Do a series of design exercises focused on building an application program that has real-world sophistication.


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Steven F. Lott is a consultant, teacher, author and software developer with over 30 years of experience building software of every kind, from specialized control systems for military hardware to large data warehouses.


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